Rex In Rome: SBS 2 Wednesday night
Not only an opportunity to update scratchy Italian, but an hour to travel around Rome without being there. Fabri was blown up, now it’s Davide Rivera who supplies the ham rolls! Smarter than Rin Tin Tin too!
Rex was having his portrait sketched in the Piazza Navona when I snapped this.

The BogiasThe follow up historical bodice ripper afterThe Tudors.  Like The Tudors this isn’t historically accurate but its lots of fun, shot on location in Italy and has the most beautiful looking cast.   And just to prove there is something for everyone they’ve added some gay sex!!! Oh Michellotto!  But Ceasare gets my vote!

Rake (season 2) ABC TV, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (based on Elizabeth George’s murder mysteries)

Woody Allen’s latest gem! Paris in the 192os when Ernest Hemmingway, Scott and Zelda Fizgerald, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picaso and Gertrude Stein called the literary and artistic shots. Wonderful fun!

Watch out for Madame, wife of the French President!

Love love love Juliette Binoche. Love that this movie is directed by an Iranian and that it uses stillness as an integral part of the story. Love that the movie is in English, Italian and French. Love that Juliette Binoche can look so very sexy. Love San Gimingano and the beauty of the Tuscan landscape.

Watch it – but give it time to mature.


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