Turandotz travelling the world:   through my eyes must see places, must eat foods, and other special things to experience.

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Hanoi:  Hoan Kiem Lake and the Jade Island; water puppets; Hang Bac Street, silver and the night markets.  Eating street foods and performances of traditional music and song from the Imperial court.

Halung Bay: Sleeping on a junk; climbing to the cave of marvels; pho and the floating fishing village where fishermen store their catches under their homes

Hue:  The overnight train from Hanoi to Hue; The Imperial Palaces; Buddhist orphanage, amazing vegetarian food and  beautiful children; Tu Ducs Tomb; a village market; the folksy argicultural museum and a wonderful storyteller; flooded rice paddys;  and an Imperial feast

Hoi An:  Shopping;  walking the streets late at night; pedicure; and more pho

Saigon: Cyclos; increible Christmas decorations and trees; ice creams; more people than you can imagine (all on motobikes); peaceful gardens; the War Remnants Museum; the American Embassy,  and just walking

The Mekong:  a boat out on the delta; coconut candy and soap; a fantastic ride around the island on a motobike converted into a tractor; paddling down tribuaties through the rice fields; and hanging around in a hammock

Overview:   So good to have visted Vietnam now rather than to have waited for another few years. Many people I have spoken to say that Vietnam has already changed a lot in the last ten years. Where once it was rare to see a European traveller, now it’s hard to avoid them. Still there is enough of the essence of this beautiful complex country to appreciate and discover.

Rome: Fresh produce at the Campo di Fiori; St Pietro; Castello St Angelo; Trastevere; walking along the banks of the Tiber; Piazza Navona; the Spanish Steps; Trevi; The city of water (Citta del Aqua) ; The Pantheon; gelato; Via Governo Vecchio; Inspector Rex in the Piazza Navona.

Istanbul: The grand bazzar, the royal palaces, walking the street, Aya Sofia, the Blue Mosque, turkish delight, the Water Cistern, borek, haggling, multi coloured lights

Ephesus: Fascinating, flat hot and dry.  The library building and the public loos

Mykanos:  Little Venice, cheese and spinach pie over looking the port to the windmills, blue clean, clear water, multi coloured doors and blue and white buildings.

Rhodes: Best best meal inside the old city, giros, pizzetta.   The castle of the Knights Templar, the old town.   Waking up in the morning and seeing a crusader fort outside your window!

Crete:  Knossoss;  eagles eyrie; Ayos Nicoladies;

Santorini:  Honey coated pistachios;  views for ever all white and blue.

Athens:  The Pathenon and the Acropolis; Plaka and the art gallery with the 2000 year old excavation;

Venice:   A city of dreams and home for 4 weeks,  endless calles, the quiet of a city with no motor vehicles, talking to tourists and vistors to the city, buying groceries like a local. A daily return to some old friends that never seem to stop dazzling.   La Fenice and the most stunning production of Giselle, an afternoon with Tintoretto at the Scuola Rocco, celebrating in Santa Maria della Salute with locals and the brilliant food stalls.  Pescaria.   The achitectural Biennale.  The Arsenale.  Ca Doro.  Strada Nuovo.  The Ghetto.  Murano. Vapporetto.  Traghetto *sigh*

Dubai:  Has to be the largest airport hub in the world, an airport with a shopping centre, and a hotel with hot water in the loo

Rome:  The Vatican Museums; St Pietro; the Plazzo Spada; The Borromini Perspective; buying groceries at the local supermarket; 169 stairs to the apartment in a heritage listed medieval building; the Victor Emmanuel Monument; the Colosseum; bignotte; Piazza Navona; churches; rooftop gardens; Palatine Hill; Hypodrome; Jewish Ghetto. Gelato. Coffee.  Salmon pizza.

Milano:  Castello Sfoza, the duomo, walking, walking;   a pidgeon walking the stairs in the neo Fascist train station

Lake Como: a picture of George Clooneys house, pure air and clean water.

Fierenze:  Tourists,  tourists everywhere.   Borboli Gardens.   Duomo.  Lots of walking.   The markets.  Gallileo’s finger.  Ponte Vecchio.   Medici.  Ufizzi.  Piazza Signora  Savonarola Fra Angelico

Sienna: Freezing cold, beautiful cathedral, racing horses through the city and the piazza.  A hill city with views across the surrounding countryside.

Venice:  Doges Palace, San Marco, The Square, bellini’s, vaporetto, chocolate coated orange peel.  The bookshop on the canal.  La Foresteria.  L’Accademia. The gardens

Sorrento:  Oranges and Lemons.  The Chasm in the middle of town that is home to a fairyland.   Hundreds of steps to the waterfront.   Circumversuviana the local train around the Bay of Naples.  Pompei.  The Villa of Mysteries

New Zealand:  North and south,  such a small country.   Rotarua and the thermal fields.   Queenstown. Arrowtown.  Dunedin.   Glaciers.   Green.  Roast lamb.   Wellington. Napier and the art deco buildings

Tasmania: Salamanca markets.  Fish and chips at Muirs on the wharf.  Arthurs Circuit.  The Antarctic museum.  Mount Wellington.  The chocolate factory and Port Arthur

Sydney:  habour harbour harbour


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