Faced with an overflow of books and next to no budget I have managed to construct a set of remarkably sturdy looking booksheves.   Now all I have to do is rationalise the contents (alphabetically? maybe no…..)


I can make gates!  Yes I know I actually surprised myself but it is amazing what you can do with a little bit of knowlegde picked up from the internet and the odd bit of wood or two.


So whats with cutting up lots beatutiful pieces of fabric to make something else?  Unless you are a patchworkers and a quilter its something that is really hard to describe.  Not all patchworks are necessarily quilts, and not all quilts are patchwork.  Got it?  No?

Well then patchworking is when you sew pieces of fabric together in intricate patterns.   Many of these patterns have names.   Many of them are enormously complex.  Patchworking is used for more than a bed covering or something warm that you can snuggle into, it can be used for all sorts of furnishings and even clothing.  Patching is either machine or hand done.

Quilting on the other hand is what happens when you make a fabric ‘sandwich’.  Two layers of material with a ‘centre’ of wadding, in early Australian quilts this wadding was often chaff or sugar bags and the quilts made this way were called ‘waggas’.

Mrs. Vigger on washing day:


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