Possum proofing


Explanation needed?
Once there was a beautiful rose (called Lordly Oberon) growing quite happily around my deck. Unfortunately the local possum acquired a taste for rosebuds.
Cheeky little thing. I am actually quite fond of the possum ( I think there is only one). I love the big possum eyes and the twitchy little nose.
What I don’t like is my roses being considered a possum smorgasbord.
Time for action.
This mosquito net left over from the Moroccan-themed 21st seemed just the thing. I nail it and peg it convinced that I have the possum bested.
But it appears that the possums hunger for my rose knows no bounds. Shredded! Totally!
Next trick: alternate food source. A plate of delicious apple. Surely apples taste better than roses.


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