Legally Blonde In Sydney

Opening night. The fabulous and talented Alexandra Elizabeth Ann Calder, known to most as Ali, shone as the snooty anti-blonde, Vivienne in this pink, silly but fun, high velocity, high energy musical.

They say that a mother can distinguish her own baby’s cries. I only heard my treasure sing tonight!

Reviews so far:

“Ali Calder makes a tremendous impression as Vivienne” ~ Theatre People

“Ali Calder shines as his new ‘serious’ girlfriend Vivienne” ~ Aussie Theatre

“Special mention lastly must go to Ali Calder (Vivienne) who shined and much like her Broadway cast counterpart, Kate Shindle, made me wish the role allowed for more showing off of what is clearly an incredible voice.” –

“Ali Calder was good as the unlikeable Vivienne.” ~ Curtaincall

“Ali Calder is dynamite in her role of Woods’ Harvard nemesis, Vivienne.  At age 21 Calder displays a voice beyond her years and her solo work in ‘Legally Blonde (Remix)’ and the finale, is scene stealing.” ~ stagedoorjohny blog

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