She’s a tricky one!


The birthday trickster visited me this week.
I am a birthday person. Some people are not.
I believe that marking every year of your life is significant and special. After all you have to share other days of the year like Christmas and Mothers Day with everyone but a birthday is your special day.
So every year at around this time things can get a bit tense. Solved only by the fact that I have learnt to 1) always buy myself something expensive and extravagant and 2) always have a plan B.
Today after a day at work I arrive home, the dog isn’t his normal ebullient self but I think he must have had a tough day on the lounge. The lamp is on in the lounge room, “stupid person” I chastise myself thinking that I’d left it on from the night before. I dump the groceries on the bench in the kitchen and there is a noticeable lack of mess. What’s happened? Things don’t seem quite as I left them this morning.
The glorious girl has had me fooled into thinking she was caught up in the city and couldn’t come home for my birthday. And. Here. She. Was. All long legs and laughter. So very pleased with herself that she had tricked me!

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