The girl with a red bird in her hair

Saturday:   What is in the cupboard/fridge that will feed a starving child? Frantic search.   Six eggs, a wedge of watermelon, WeetBix that I won’t eat, pumpkin puree, hommus, three apples, one banana, salsa and some bread.  That’s enough.  I pack it and head down the F3 to Sydney looking forward to spending a day with the child.  First a stop to pick up Sally shortbread and lavender.   I need a cup of tea.  Its only been 20 minutes since I left home.

It’s a good trip.   Too early for the learners  and the weekend drivers.  Should I stop at Turramurra and say ‘hi’ to Ingrid and see what she has in her shop at the moment.   Yes I think so.  Result one black smock/dress/tunic thing.   Ring child to make sure she’s out of bed.   I don’t want to have to sit outside the flat waiting, waiting, waiting.   No answer, so at every red light I try again.   Finally she rings back.  I thinks she’s looking forward to seeing me.

Through North Sydney and under the harbour and I’m there.  

Plan for the day is Newtown.   Best place I know to buy Arancini that is almost as good as mine.   Child wants to show me one of the Christmas wishes she has.   A jackalope.   Hummmmm don’t know what one of these is.    I find out and think what a curious thing.

Lunch, or a late breakfast of perfectly poached eggs on turkish with a flat white.  Good.  I needed that.    When the bill is paid the person at the counter tells Girl that they really like the red bird in her hair.   She tells them her mum bought it for her.   That’s nice.

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