Its not easy being a Treasure Hunter!

With bags full of essentials and light hearts our Treasure Hunters braved the wilds of suburban Paddington, crossing treacherous roads teaming with honking, screeching monsters,  eating where and when they could, relying on only the occasional flat white to keep their energy levels up and their hopes high.

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it – fortunately our five seasoned adventurers  could not resist the lure of a challenge.

The temple housing the treasures guarded its secrets well.  Where were the mystical Armarnis, Chanels and Donna Karans?   Were they only to be found after careful sifting and excavation, or were they truly mythical.

Hours passed, and negotiations were struck with the temple guardians.

The adventurers could take with them only what they could carry.  Everything else had to be left behind.

If only life was a fairy tale I would have a closet full of Armarnis!  The shopping trip to Sydney  has resulted in one beautiful, perfect condition, pair of silk vintage Salvatore Ferragamos. 

Thank you shoe fairy!!!

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