Dog Days

When you travel you leave everything behind.  The daily grind, the lawn mowing and what bills to pay next.   Mostly it’s fantastic but the one thing that I truly miss is my short white-haired bad-tempered totally faithful companion.   This could be why everywhere I go I talk to dogs and their owners and take their photos.   Some of the four-legged friends have been pampered pooches lying in the windows of exclusive shops,  others have been tired and dusty waiting in streets, on corners and sleeping on steps.  In Rome one was even a TV star!

In the window of Gucci, Milano

In Venice they love their dogs and at any time of the day or night Venetians are out walking their dogs, or having a coffee in a piazza with their dog at their feet   Curious because Venice has little open green space for dogs to run and do doggy things in.  Venice is, however, almost totally dog-poo free, it could be because of signs like this, or because in Venice you can buy doggy nappies.

Don’t let your dog mess up Venice

Inpector Rex setting up for a shot in the Piazza Navona

Guarding the flower stall in the Campo di Fiori, Rome 

Busking in the street of the Knights in Rhodes

Resting at the Temple of the Great Zeus in Athens

Sound asleep despite the tourists climbing the stairs of the Acropolis, Athens

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