On roses


From my garden – Double Delight

Today I was thinking about the roses that I have seen in my travels.     There were some roses in Rome the ones I particularly remember were on the walk down from the Palatine Hill.  Hardy souls growing in pots.   In Florence at the folly at the  top of the Borboli Garden an ancient climbing rose absorbed much-needed heat from an ancient wall and there was snow in the distance.  

 Then there was the poor straggly end-of-season rose in the pot in the courtyard in Venice, I had to take a bloom off it and press it between the pages of a book. 

I have planted quite a few in my garden and now patiently wait for them to bloom. The first rose of this season is the delicate mauve Angel Face a vigorous climber that can always be relied on.   Lordly Oberon (known in my garden simply as Oberon) has continued to climb and is now being trained on the deck as a barrier between me and the next door neighbours.  On Saturday I counted at least ten buds on Oberon today there was only one.  Thank you Mr Very Fat Grasshopper!

I wonder if they have the same problem with grasshoppers in Istanbul?  In the garden outside Aya Sofia and in the grounds of the Topkapi Palace there were beautiful roses.   It must be the ideal climate for them.

Athens is  dry and dusty.   Once you get away from the  Plaka and the Agora there are some gardens but not many.   At the foot of the Acropolis among oleanders  in the dusty dry soil there was this was this lonely rose totally ignored by the tourists who were intent on the climb to the Parthenon.

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