Pure + city = Venice

Peter Ackryod has written a book about Venice.   Venice: Pure City.   Pure, I think not in the sense of cleanliness, but pure in its essence as a city.   Venice is just that, a city.   It has only ever been that and will continue to only ever be that. Venice has never been the ‘capital’ of a country, and until Napoleon had never been a conquered city.   It is a city.  It has never had any land.  It was the centre of a republic without owning an army.

It has been a long read, but an interesting one.   However I think that Ackroyd has fallen victim to generalisations, and views Venice a lot like the English authors he quotes.   I don’t think he loves the city, and I don’t think that he is overly objective.

If you’re looking for a read about the essence of Venice Jan Morris does it better and with much more empathy.

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