Treasure Hunters

The May early morning is cold.   Its too early to be out of bed without a good reason but this is just one day in the year.   Its a day that brings together women who are friends and yet not quite friends.   There is one thing that unites them and that is the feeling that they are on a wonderful treasure hunt.  It is the same every year.   Elaine is the nominal team leader, she’s been doing this trip the longest.

The “treasures” are clothes, but this isn’t your usual shopping trip.  The Peter Pan Society raises much needed money for the children’s charity Bernardos by putting together a clothing sale.   The clothing is donated by boutiques, retailers and individuals.   Some is ‘pre loved’, some isn’t.    The ultimate treasure is vintage (think Escada, Ferregamo,Max Mara,  Donna Karran or Sara Sturgeon) clothing.  Clothing that is normally well beyond our meagre funds.  

It’s all good fun.   On the train trip to Sydney everyone is quietly catching up on the news.   One has married,  another travelled overseas and another has been promoted.  The trip home is totally different.   Space is found for the bags of ‘loot’ and the discussion is about  who spent the most, or the least, who had the buy of the day and who bought things that they now realise they will never wear.  

The next time everyone catches up will be next year, although there are some treasures that need altering  now before they can be worn – and that is another story.

2010 Treasure Hunters: Elaine, Donna, Bronween, Janice, Rae, Sally and Susan

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One Response to Treasure Hunters

  1. susan says:

    love the story – what a great day

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