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Clothes, cake and cameraderie

What do you do with your unwanted clothes?   Put them into the local charity bins?  Recycle and remodel them?  Sell them at the pre-loved boutique?  What about having friends over for a clothes swap with champagne/tea/coffee and cake! It was an afternoon that … Continue reading

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Eighteen days

In the next eighteen days I will:- Angst over leaving the child; worry about leaving the house/dog/cat  in the care of my nephew; ponder what to pack; count every penny very carefully (twice); write copious notes AND TRY NOT  TO GET TOO … Continue reading

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I hate being sick

  It’s only a cold – truly – but it feels like more.  You know the type when your sinuses feel like exploding, your skin feels that its got little creepies all over it, your ears have cotton wool in them, your throat … Continue reading

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Pure + city = Venice

Peter Ackryod has written a book about Venice.   Venice: Pure City.   Pure, I think not in the sense of cleanliness, but pure in its essence as a city.   Venice is just that, a city.   It has only ever been that and … Continue reading

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The Red Coat

In 2008 I bought Treasure a red duffel coat.   It was the first thing I bought in Venice and I spent four weeks angsting about whether she would like it or not.  After breakfast on the morning of my first proper day … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunters

The May early morning is cold.   Its too early to be out of bed without a good reason but this is just one day in the year.   Its a day that brings together women who are friends and yet not quite … Continue reading

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