Writing to people you don’t know

I don’t write to people I don’t know but every so often I feel that I need to stop being an observer and say or do something. 

There are times during a working day when you just have to dream, and I have a favourite blog which encourages my Venetian dreaming.  This photo comes from that blog which is called Venice Daily Photo written by Pierre Pareja (with some help from friends).  Just for a few seconds every day I am drawn back to La Serenissima.  The callis and campos, the water and the wanderings.  Venice is my favourite place, a home for my soul, and yesterday I sent Pierre an email just to let him know how much I love his blog.  To my delight he replied.  Grazie grazie Pierre.

The other person I wrote to was Dianne Hales.   Dianne is the author of a book called La Bella Lingua a book which has just been released that tells the story of the Italian language.   This is a great book.  I actually interviewed Dianne for the radio program I work on, but I also followed up the interview with an email telling her how much I enjoyed the book.    I actually lent my copy to my Italian teacher Giuliano but fortunately the publishers sent me another copy so I was able to let Giuliano keep it!   I haven’t heard back from Dianne, but her website is also wonderful.  The link is on the left.


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