Buon compleanno!

May is the month of  the birthday.  Friends, family and work colleagues, so many of them seem to celebrate at this time of year.  Counting backwards,  what was happening mine months ago?

In another life friends got together and celebrated with the May Babies Birthday Bash.   Anyone who was born in May invited their friends and we all celebrated on the one night.   Always such a hoot! 

Bestie Sal, and I are both May babies so we split the difference between our birthdate and celebrate somewhere in the middle.   It works!

Mother’s Days and birthdays all get mixed up in my family.  One grandma’s birthday was the same as mine and sometimes also happens in some years on Mothers Day.  I was born on Mothers Day, and my mothers birthday also sometimes falls on the same day.  My Grandmother was born on May 3.

Sometimes May babies cheat and hold their birthday’s early.    Celebrating at Gracemere,Venice of the North, was a wonderful way to wish a friend and early happy birthday surrounded by her family and friends especially when she lives so far away.   Happy Birthday Ruthie!

Katie, and old friend who has become a new friend will celebrate with an afternoon tea at Bondi.    Hopefully she won’t expect me to do the early morning Bondi swim with her.

Today at work colleagues, Karen and Ryan, escapees from the Northern Hemisphere and the BBC shared a birthday.   So it was cake time.   I had no time so the Treasure helped me out.   I have to say that the home oven isn’t what it should be and cakes need to be watched so it is twice as difficult to turn out anything that is impressive.  Consensus in the office a triumph!   Thank you treasure and happy birthday May babies!

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