About temptation


Temptation is that little niggly voice in your head that says “Go on — just one more”.   Just one more chocolate, red wine, just one more page of the book or just one more piece of fabric to add to an already over stuffed fabric stash.    Just one more helping of potato bake, just one more new plant for the garden or just one more pair of shoes.  Just one more.   In my case it was just one more piece of the puzzle.

Treasure and her friend had found this puzzle which had been stashed away in the bookcase.   Maybe waiting for a day when the temptation of opening it would prove too much for teenagers with nothing to do.

It is their thing.   Started on a Saturday night when not much was in the offing, the  puzzle did what puzzles do.   It kept them busy, challenged and happy until,   well really until Treasure went away and left it there and Treasure’s friend didn’t visit to finish it off.

So there it sat.   Staring at me.   Willing me NOT to find the right pieces.  Daring me.   But temptation was there urging me on.   And so carefully I chose one piece that looked just the right shape, it had the right colours in the right place, and with so little effort it would fit right in.   Did I do it?    Of course I did.  I am weak and give into temptation really easily.  After that it was all so simple, one piece followed another, and another, and another.   The temptation was to finish it. But I didn’t – after all its a good thing to give teenagers the sky to play with.

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