Quiet Sunday

Sundays are wonderful days for dreaming.   What the garden will look like next year, how the dress I’m about to make Ali will look when it is finished, what Rome will be like when I go back (and the things I want to see and do), what Istanbul will be like and what a cruise around the Greek Islands will be like.   

There are other things I should be doing – vacuuming for one, cleaning the bathroom for two and for three finish mowing the front lawn = and if going to visit Mr Bunning wasn’t so bad I would include it.   But it isn’t bad.   How can a visit to a hardware shop be so much fun?   Maybe its the potential for getting jobs  done and finished.

That’s the other thing a quiet Sunday is good for.  Getting things done and finished.   Like the room downstairs – my home handyman project which has now just about reached the limits of my handy abilities. Time for the plumber, electrician and the concrete. 

I could be planning what to pack for the trip.   Sometimes my mind wanders there, after all I don’t want to look too daggy.   Ali says I should just buy what I need in Rome.  The Zara website is looking good.

I could be doing some exercise – isn’t that what purchasing a gym membership is all about.   An old old trap!  Pay for the membership don’t go and it costs you.   $44 so far on the bank statement – visits none.   Note to self GO TODAY!

So far I’ve finished the book that Nat leant me Peter Moore’s Vroom By The Sea – more Italian dreaming.   Recited to the dog the conjugations of avare=to have=ho, hai, ha, abiamo, avete, hanno and essere=to be= sonno, sai, e, ?, ? and sonno.   TIME TO DO SOMETHING!

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