Venice of the north

A little bit of Italy in Central Queensland. 

Gracemere Lake instead of the Grand Canal – but what fun!

The invitation read ‘decadence’ and that’s what it was all about – my friend turning 50, her sister 60 and her mother 80.   I don’t think that there was a 70 in there anywhere.

Gracemere is just outside the beef cattle capital of Australia, Rockhampton.   It is the place that the area’s first pioneers chose to build their home.   Little did they know that on the way to the coast they had walked over one of the riches gold mines in pioneering Queensland, Mt Morgan.

Rochampton has been a wealthy city.  In the early years it was the focus of the region – the ‘big smoke’ – these days she looks like a tired old dowager that gets a bit spruced up around the edges, but at the centre still old, crusty and little dry – but with such style – the beautiful Queensland houses, bauhinias in the streets and the sense of space and open skies.   But far and above any thing else there  are the people – warm, generous, welcoming, kind and funny

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