So why turandotz?

I live in a wooden house that was built sometime after WW2 and over the years various owners, including myself, have made changes to it – some good some bad.   During one of the revovations some pipes were removed, and the hole that was left behind was not closed up and this is where birds have made their nest – in the side of my house.   When I first moved into the house I noticed that these beautiful birds were flying from down the side of the house to sit in the trees in the backyard.  My father told me that they were Eastern Rosellas, but my small daughter had other thoughts – she called them Turandots, strangely enough after the opera Turandot.   The name has stuck and that is what they are and will always be to me.  Visitors sometimes are quite confused by this!

Every year the adult rosellas return to have their babies in the wall and if you can listen carefully when you are in the kitchen you can hear the chicks chirping for their next meal.

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