Gondolas and vaparettos


Where else in the world can travel be so romantic? The watery main streets of Venice are like no where else. The vaparetto chug from stop to stop, sometimes wheezing and croaking so much that it is surprising that they just don’t stop and refuse to go any further. On my walk to the Fondamenta Nuove I found the vaparetto terminal  (is this where they all go at night to rest and recover for the next day?)  Despite sounding totally mechanically unsound vaparettos are the only way to get around Venice on the water. In past century’s the gondola ruled the canals but the romance of the gondala disappears in face of the cost, and why hire a gondala when you can catch a traghetto, a public gondola, from one side of the Grand Canal to the other for a couple of euros. This is great fun!
In a book I read set in the 14th Century gondolas were refered to as ‘the black moths of the waterways” and when you see the historic gondolas  at Ca’ Rezzonico or the Doges Palace they do look quite menacing.

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3 Responses to Gondolas and vaparettos

  1. G F Mueden says:

    Even the vaporetti are expensive. A single trip at 6.5 Euros cost me only a Quarter less than Ten Dollars.
    When you consider what it cost just to be there for a day the time saved may be worth it.

  2. JC says:

    What a great blog! I’ve enjoyed reading it immensely.

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