Gli auguro tutto un nuovo anno felice

I wish you all a Happy New Year!   Atleast that’s how the Babel fish application tells me is the correct way to say it in Italian, and now my first decision of the new year is to finally learn Italian.   So is that a resolution?    I think it is!   I might not be back in Venice in 2009, but certainly will in 2010 so that doesn’t mean that this blog is obsolete, it just means that there will be lots of oblique facts on Venice.   Like the huge kiss-a-thon that is being organised for St Marks Square on New Years Eve! 

This is the news story that has just gone online in the UK

The Lagoon City hopes it will be the world’s biggest collective kiss, outdoing a similar event last year when 60,000 people exchanged kisses. Crowds will gather in the historic square, described by Napoleon as “the drawing room of Europe”, from around 10pm. The event’s organisers will provide step-by-step lessons on how to give – and receive – the perfect kiss. As midnight approaches, a live jazz concert will get underway, while heart-shaped firework displays will light up the night sky. Entitled ‘LoVe 2009’, it is hoped the event will help repair Venice’s image after a severe high tide flooded the historic city centre at the beginning of December. Venice’s first ‘kiss-in’, staged last year, won the city an international prize for the best New Year’s event.

In St Marks Square with no one to kiss!

In St Marks Square with no one to kiss!

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