The good things in life….


What bliss to have four weeks in which to be indulgent.  

Indulgence 1:  Books. The apartment had a wonderful selection of books on art, art and design, architecture and history!  And then there is what has to be the most unusual bookshop in the world – in Castello not far from Campo Santa Maria Formosa it proudly has a sign outside calling itself the ‘most beautiful bookshop in the world’.  From floor to ceiling and even in boats and on milk crates there are books everywhere in just about every language.   The boats and milk crates are a necessity because the shop backs onto a canal and ‘aqua altas’ are a serious issue as the exit sign says.

Indulgence 2:  Food.   Ah, the slice of pizza from the local shop.  The gourmet slices (including blanco) from near Santa Maria Formosa.   The wonderful colours of the fish in the Pescaria.   The fresh raspberries from the markets. The pasteries.  The chocolate coated orange rind.  The little Sicillian orange cakes and canolli.   The cream of salmon sandwiches with caviar on top!  Cafarelle chocolate! Gelato!

Indulgence 3: Drink.   Caffe (latte, cappucino, espresso, americana, correcto) at the local.  Cheap (but very good) wine from the supermarket. Bellinis (in the singular)

Indulgence 4: Art. Everywhere!

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