Chiese (plural of chiesa)….. churches

Chiesa dei Carmini

Chiesa dei Carmini

Earlier this year when my teenager was asked if she had enjoyed her trip to Italy she said it was the ABC tour of Italy.    Obviously working for Aunty there I was thinking that there was some major cultural significance in this.   But no!   For her ABC meant Another Bloody Church.  Good thing that she wasn’t with me in Venice.   I made a point of exploring every church I came across.  All of the churches in Venice have beautiful artworks, and even if the works aren’t by the big names – Tiepolo, Tintoretto, Bellini, Raphael – they are all fascinating.    I often wonder at the backstory of the paintings.   Who did they use to model for the faces?  How did they make  the paints?   What did they think about the works they were creating.  Even what did they have for dinner!!!

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