Architecture Biennale

From October to the end of November every second year, the Architeture Biennale is held.  It actually rotates with the much better known Art Biennale.    Countries have permanent pavillions or exhibition spaces in the Giardini area of the main island, about at 10 minute walk down the  Riva Degli Schiavoni with a secondary venue inside the Arsenale (the old shipyard).    Going by the exhibits I saw, this years theme was based around people and places.    I thought the Australian exhibit was really disappointing – reminded me more of a whole pile of fantasy building models put together by architecture students.   The Pavillion looks like a Glenn Murcett corrugated iron inspiration and I really didn’t know what to make of the trees with yellow rope tied around them.     However there were a couple that I thought were really clever and evocative of places and people.    For example the wonderful soundscapes of a city in the Greek exhibition, the unusual use of untreated wooden poles by the Russians and the Czech exhibition which consisted of a row of refridgerators each with statistics of one portion of the population, when the fridge was opened there was what you would expect to find in a fridge typical of that demographic.   Interesting!

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