A bit of this and a bit of that, I have now mastered the toyshop internet.   And before you think why on earth didn’t she go to find another one – I like it here.   All the little kids coming in and looking at toys and its a bit of a family business rather than the impersonal Internet Cafes.   Anyhow back to the photos  – here’s a preview.                                  

p1010185The Caltatrave Bridge



The fruit market at Rialto – raspberries yummmmmmmmmm – what more can I say.  Three euros a punnet and worth every cent. 


The Pescaria – the fish market – you’d think with all those fish, mussels, craps and other things that I’m not sure of their name that this would smell horrible.   It doesn’t and the colours are just beautiful.




The front door of Ca’Carmini – this is the third door that you have to go through to get into the apartment, and it has a huge iron bar so security is tight!


Lunch at Florians – delicate cream salmon sandwiches with caviar on top, with a selection of Florian biscotti and one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had for a long time.



La Fenice (prn fen ee cahy) – the beautiful Opera House which burnt down in 1996.   It was totally rebult inside, only the original walls remained.   It was very controvertial at the time (think crooked trade unions, builders absconding with money an more City of Falling Angels tells the story).   This is the upstairs concert room.


This is one of the more artistic photos – It is of Maria della Salute – taken on the long walk back from Giardini after walking around the Architecture Biennale all afternoon.

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