An afternoon with Tintoretto…


Imagine two huge rooms with the walls and and ceilings covered in Tintoretto’s,   This is just mind bending.   Tintoretto is a master of using muddy, murky colours on huge cavasses, mostly the subjects are religious but every now and then he breaks out with a portait of a non religious person.   The walls, and ceilings just writhe when you look at them and you could get a huge crick in the neck look upwards, fortunately mirros are supplied.     I’ve been at the Scuola San Rocco this afternoon, that’s where the tintorettoes are.   On the way back ‘home’ an afternoon tea treat a cannoli – flakey pastry filled with creme.   Yummmmm.

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2 Responses to An afternoon with Tintoretto…

  1. mad says:

    I am starting to get bigtime Italy envy! Soon you will think you are a local, it sounds wonderful.

    Ciao Maddy

  2. bronween says:

    Yeay Maddy, didn’t have your email address, so will write now!

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