Giselle – My review


The ballet Giselle at La Fenice was amazing.   Boys in purple tights and girls in floaty skirts.   No, seriously when I’ve put all my thoughts together a proper review will appear here.

(Later on December 3) I was about to put into words this wonderful evening and I found this ‘proper’ review on line  What more can I add?    This was one of the highlights of my trip and even if the cost of the ticket was way over my budget it is something that was a standout.     I’ve seen a fair amount of ballet including Helpmann, Bolshoi etc and this was exciting.     A dynamic group of dancers who brought the lyricism of the ballet to life.   Giselle can really be dull if the dancing isn’t stunning.   The corps was disciplined and their lines on stage were precise, but didn’t loose any of that suspension of disbelief that you need when you are asking an audience to believe in fairies.   Having a live orchestra is always such a bonus!

And the inside of La Fenice?    I’m sure that the rebuild is faithful to the original, but I would give anything to have seen it before the fire with that patina of age and that sense that this theatre has seen so many wonderful perfomances and has such as history.    The inside is modern but with all the Baroque opulence and – clean!  

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