So many paintings

I spent this afternoon with the paintings at Ca’Ressonico which are every bit as interesting as the ones that hang at the Accadamia.   Its a total exercise is overkill, and so hard to take it all in at one go.  Tintoretto, Carravaggio and Longhei and more. I liked the Longhei’s and Rosalba C? (must look it up later) because they were portraits of real people – and not always flattering.  Other floors of the Palazzo have stunning, stunning furniture from the Baroque period, and much of it orginal.

This is another part of my campaign to ‘do’ one thing a day and then let the rest of the day take it me where it will – so far this week it has taken me from the tip of the island at Cannareggio, looking out to the bridge that connects the islands, to way past San Marco – trying to avoid the tourists!  On Wednesday after a late start checking CNN and BBC world for the results of the US election I was determined to go to florians for coffee and you are not going to believe it but it was chuiso (closed), another day another try.    I did however manager to find La Fenice and buy a ticket to the ballet – a matinee of Giselle this coming Saturday!!!!!!!!

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