Its been a week……

…. and I’m still having the time of my life.   Truely Venice is remarkable.   Even watching the tourists is a treat in itself,  and trying to guess their nationalities is one of my favourite pastimes.  I wonder if people do the same when they look at me – although a rather well dressed Italian lady did come up to me and ask me something the other day.   Naturally I looked blank until she said ‘aqua alata’ and then I was able to respond with ‘si’.

I know that November is the month of high water and on the first day of the month there it was on time.    There were very elegant gumboots everywhere – from the plain to the multi-coloured and the high heeled.    My RMs seem to be quite waterproof even in a couple of inches of water.  The planks that are put up all over the city seem really precarious and I wonder if anyone has ever fallen off.

My plan was to have no plan, and to try to do just one thing a day, so on Monday it was grocery shopping and moving into the apartment, which is delightful and more about that later (with pics).  But even the simplest things have amazing surprises in store, just down the fondamenta from the apartment is the Chiesa San Raffaelle (see earlier blog).    On Tuesday a four hour walk took in S. Maria delle Salute (a huge white Rococo pile that was built to commemorate the city being saved from the plage – only plague these days are the tourists).    I love watching the tourists and try to work out where they’re from.   Every so often if I hear English being spoken I can’t resist saying something.   The other day I met a pair of Canadian tourists in the supermarket.  They were off a big passenger liner and were doing a tour around Italy.    Wednesday was a scorcher – muggy rather than really hot – and not the best of days to do a huge walk.    The new bridge over the Grand Canal at Ferrovia has been opened, its called Caltatrava and the locals aren’t too keen on it, but the sleek clean lines look great agains the backdrop of the old buldings.

Thursday was a huge walk down to the Pescaria and the fresh veggie markets –   wonderful punnets of raspberries for 2 euros, then over the beridge at Rialto and through the campos that lead to Accademia Bridge with a stop on the way at the Museo Fortnay.  A stunning collection of Fortuny designs recreated in paper (and a sunck a photo or two) as well a really interesting exhibition of works by George Barbier who has been called the ‘father orf art deco’.    As a special bonus for a hard walking tourist I found an exhibition of the treasures of San Salvatore, amazing opulent gold and silversmith work that come from the  church of the same name and it was free.    The alterpiece had been photographed so it could be repoduced in 3D and the results were eerie.

Friday was my day of rest and a time to catch up with the washing – how mundane but even in the amazing city it has to be done.   I have however resisted hanging it out the window.

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