The downward spiral


So what does this orange have to do with a downward spiral?    Lots – because it is all that I will be able to afford to eat in Venice after the downward spiral of the current exchange rate between the australian dollar and the euro (thismoning .47).   At least I won’t die of a vitamin C deficiency.     Can you believe my luck?  After months of planing (and dreaming) I will be thinking hard about every euro I spend on holidays.    I wonder how much further it can possibly go, and can it bounce back between now and October 25?

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2 Responses to The downward spiral

  1. scully says:

    planing [planning] . . . euro [Euro] . . . don’t worry, at least you’ll have a sub-editor back home following your every move (!) just jokes. have a great holiday! from The Scullys.

  2. Carol says:

    But have you been Google Earthing Venice?


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