Melbourne …. not Venice

Melbourne is a beautiful city, but arriving at 8 on a Friday night and leaving at 12 on a Sunday didn’t leave much time to really enjoy it – or explore!    So it was arrive, quick red with Maddy, quick sleep, quick shower, quick drive to St Kilda, quick breakfast, quick walk down Ackland Street,  quick visit to sale of leather coats (two bought), quick visit to recycled clothes boutique (none bought) …. quick quick quick.   Dinner in town at Il Tempo, one of those little eateries you find in the Melbourne laneways, and then to see Wicked, the musical.  Two things to say – I would have rather seen the Broadway production, and, the audience was really lcd!   However Ali enjoyed it, following it word for word and note for note!

 Such a pity that it was the proverbial flying visit because Melbourne has so much to see, and I think that Ali would loved to have seen more, especially of the markets and the op-shops.   So there’s a plan for next time!!!

Maddy and Michael you are the perfect hosts – thank you!

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