Venezia ancora!

Venice again – planning, packing and pondering!     I just had to change the title of this blog – you have to admit Venice 2008 was pretty pedestrian and ordinary.   In the process of trying to find just the right name for the blog I’ve found babel fish and if you don’t know what a babel fish is you need to read Douglas Adams’ Hitchikers Guide To the Galaxy.

More pictures from the last trip :


The beautiful horses of San Marco.   They were sacked from Constantinople and brought to Venice.    These are replicas, the originals were starting to deteriorate and were moved inside.


Hard to believe but felons were punished between these two columns and apparently you can still hear their screams  – apparently.   Maybe you have to be sympatico to hear them !

And this is a Venetian traffic jam.    We stayed  in a lovely hostel ‘La Foresteria’  in the Castello area.   The closest vaporetto stop was Rialto  and despite insructions (and vision) from a friend who has stayed there it was a challenge to find.  Eventually we found Santa Maria Formosa and then the hostel which was in an old palazzo that was being restored.   The traffic jam was just outside the front door.   This is what I mean about an adventure around every corner.


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