More time off work …..

This is really a picture postcard image, but one that I just couldn’t resist taking a photo of last year – it is the colonade of the Doges Palace.   It really is exquisite, and the interplay of the light and shadow is beautiful.

With a head cold that just won’t go away, I am at home again today.    This is probably a good thing because I’ve had to reshuffle the dates for my trip to Venice.   Everything has had to be brought forward by a week, which now means that I won’t be able to do the mosaic classes, but that’s for  the next trip as one of my colleagues at work said.    So instead of the mosaic classes I have decided to take myself to the ballet – there is a production on Swan Lake at La Fenice on Nov 8 – now all I have to do is to work out how to book for it!   Managed to change accommodation and flights with no problems, but it looks like the two days in Dubai is out (maybe next time).

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