The photo at the top of the page …..

By the way the photo in the banner of this blog was taken from the front of the Peggy Guggeheim Gallery.  It looks so very typical of every photo that is ever taken of Venice, but then that is what Venice is.  This trip to Venice was meant to be a trip to Paris, but when my 16 yo returned from Christmas in NZ with her dad she wan’t interested, so I decided to be really self indugent and go somewhere by myself.   The challenge was deciding where to go …. what part of the world really sang to me.    Yes I did want to go to Paris, but it was the magic of Venice that I wanted to immerse myself in.   What is it about Venice?    I think the quiet, the ability to walk without being run over by a Vespa, the quality of the light in the sky (is it because of the water defracting the light?) and mostly because of the shopkeeper who had read John Berendt’s City of Falling Angels – first in English and then in Italian just to make sure he (Berendt) had got it right.    I think that this is a good time to revisit last years trip to Venice since I didn’t get that far in my first blog.

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