Desert Castles – Jordan

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Off the Dubai plane at ten in the morning feeling like I’d been through a washing machine and the driver who meets me says, “I’ve got an idea”. His idea was to change the whole itinerary for the next two … Continue reading

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Road trip


In all the time we have lived together the dog and I have never really traveled together. So the first major trip has been an eye opener. A four hour drive in the country to stay with friends. Every park in the towns along the way mapped out and estimated times plotted. Ha! Talk about over think! The dog is a natural traveller! First stop Burdekin Park, Singleton. Very pretty with jacaranda flowers on the ground. Second stop Murrurrundi with the back drop of the Ranges, and then into Tamworth. On the way home only one stop. Scone.
Dog was so well behaved I took him to Sydney to see the girl the next day.


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The Sydney clothing excursion caught us by surprise. Just as soon as we had asked “when is it on”, it was. Just two hardy souls ventured to Paddington Town Hall. It’s amazing how many clothes you can try on in two hours. Of course we do have the systemin our favour. This involves a guerrilla raid on all clothing racks and then the fast change and the even faster discard. I was quite taken with a white Cornelius rabbit fur coat, a steal at $100 but about five sizes too small. Still you have to try! The real steal was this beautiful Sasaguchi jacket for $15. Bargain clothes shopping can be so addictive. Next to DIY almost better than sex!

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DIY is better than sex – discuss.

What can give you a warmallover tingly glow like a perfectly executed DIY project? The timing, the planning, the anticipation – foreplay, only longer. The gentle turn of the screw, the feel of the soft finish of timber, the smell. The snug fit of a drill in your hand. It can take as long as you want it to and when you’ve finished there is the gentle after glow. The incredulity of achievement. And a stiff gin to quietly congratulate yourself and contemplate the next project!

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Ali shooting words

She appears in unexpected places this child of mine.  Take this for example.


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In search of Shelley

My grandmother enjoyed fine china. Family lore has it that she would entertain her circle of friends with a genteel afternoon of bridge and high tea (with no doubt some family and local gossip thrown in).

Now, 60 years later, whenever my friends visit for tea out come the trios (the cups, saucers and plates). It’s always interesting to see who chooses which pattern. None of them match. I’ve always called it a crazy tea set, but really it is a collection of Shelley, Aynsley, Wedgewood and Doulton.

I don’t play favorites, love them all, but I’ve always felt a little sad about the orphans. These are the cups, saucers and plates that aren’t part of a set, or sets that are incomplete. So now the quest has begun the add and replace. Antique shops are good, but the internet is better. Not only are missing pieces there to be found but so is the knowledge, the names of cup and plate shapes, the names of the patterns and the history of the makers. *sigh* I can get lost there all day.

The current search is for a single Shelley primrose chintz cup see above and a Shelley floral saucer see below.

Now I think it’s time for tea.


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Who said that? Who is that?

Its one thing for a mother to think that her child is amazing ~ its a different matter when somebody else says it!

“Ali is an accomplished contemporary singer and a seasoned actress. Her other major credit as a musical theatre performer is Sydney Theatre Company’s controversial production of the rock musical Spring Awakening – and that in itself makes her career already fascinating.”

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